work samples



Hyphen was extremely honored to be approached by BSB-Brown Sugar Bourbon with their newly acquired owner, actor Jamie Foxx, about re-launching a new, with redesigned bottles to kick off the new era for the flavored bourbon brand. The flavored bourbon, known for what’s described as sweet-tasting notes of brown sugar and cinnamon, is an award-winning spirit, having been a two-time winner of the “World’s Best Flavored Whisky” award.


The company also offers BSB 103 — a higher-proof marque with less sweetness and more of a bourbon flavor.

The branding exercise represented in the examples below maps our 4-5 week conceptual process before landing on the artwork that would in ultimately hit the BSB Team's sweet spot.



Born out of frustration of Hurricane Harvey, the Relief+Gang organization has been committed to providing aid to those most affected and the communities often least cared for in the wake of natural disasters.  So when the opportunity to re-brand such an impactful community organization was given to the Hyphen Team, we jumped at it.

Providing relief and aid to those affected by natural disasters unfortunately doesn't leave you much time to worry about things like branding which is why we took great pride when R+G entrusted the Hyphen team with that responsibility.  We knew we needed to approach this project with the same passion and response that the organization it represents does while maintaining the authenticity and culture of the people who fuel it everyday.  What resulted from that work is below.



Knoot's Naturals was a project that came by of an established Hyphen client.  The client was so pleased with our previous work that they presented a new opportunity for the Hyphen team.  The nature of this project was very special to our client because the project was a gift to a family member's business, a juice company.  We were extremely excited to be working on a juice brand to say the least and although the project demanded a quick turnaround, we were very happy with how it turned out.



When a world renowned physique trainer asks you for branding help, what other motivation do you need?  Khalfani Quartey, came to us with an opportunity to rebrand his company KHALIFIT and we were thrilled. 


Khali has made a name for himself in the fitness world by competing, placing and coaching on the industry's biggest stages along with providing 1-on-1 training to anyone with the will to improve their bodies.  Khali has a personality is larger than life and a teaching passion that's unmatched so we knew that we needed to provide branding that would represented his level of passion while adding timeless balance as a global brand.



NENE Plant Care project developed organically.  From the project's very origin the client entrusted us with her vision.  We truly relished in that responsibility by developing the process that we now use for every client since.  We asked all the questions, created moodboards, etc. to pour the time and care that this and every project demands from the Hyphen team.